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Many people ask us, what if I don’t have time to volunteer and I want to give something other than money. Can I still help?  The answer is a resounding “YES” We believe that giving and service comes in all guises. You can donate items, you can help spread awareness of humanitarian issues and tell people about our projects, you can meditate and send us plenty of good energy and intention.

Our current wish list is this;

1)     We are looking at setting up a project in an arid part of Kenya known as POKOT. The people have a great need there especially women and children. Our project is aimed at setting up a healthcare facility and school to help women, girls and young children. To learn more about this project please go to our PROJECTS section. For Pokot we need;

  • 4 single beds and 6 baby basinets (for a maternity care unit)
  • Bedding
  • Mosquitto nets
  • Donations of Baby Clothes, Towel Diapers, maternity dresses
  • For the school project, books, pens, learning materials aimed at the 10+age group
  • ALL of the above, if you can mail small boxes of items to our Kenya office that would be a great great help
  • Vehicle (currently if a woman needs to be rushed to the nearest hospital during labour, its usually on the back of someone's bicycle, a vehicle, even a second hand one would be a great help. Do you have a car that runs but you no longer want? )

2)     Our Charlie's Angels project in Kenya, is supporting 10 teenagers by providing vocational training and job placement. Are you able to sponsor one of these kids either as an individual or as a group of office workers or friends? Sponsorship to help provide clothing, accomodation, food and skills training per teenager is £15 or $25 a month.

3)    We are always interested in people who can mail clothes, books, art supplies, bedding to our kenya office as well as food and basic hygiene products.

4)     Medical diagnostic equipement, do you have diagnostic equipement that is working but you no longer require? Donate it for our free mobile clinics. We're interested in stethescopes, BP cuffs, dressings, antiseptic wipes and gel, ultrasound machine for onsite mobile scanning

5)    We also need for our mobile outreach clinic

  • Laptop computer
  • Video camera for capturing footage
  • pop-up tents to use as mobile clinic
  • solar panal unit to run electric equipement

Whatever you can donate, be it small or large, we thank you all in advance for your support. Your help and encouragement, are what enable us to reach out and help the impoverished and orphaned in Africa.