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Divinity Foundation Food Aid 

Food and oxygen are a basic necessity for survival. Tons of perfectly good food is disposed of daily because it has gone past its shelf life date though perfectly safe to consume. Daily in households in the west there is a lot of food wasted. Yet on the streets and slums of so called “third world” countries countless children go without a decent meal each day and each week. The cereals, chocolates, cakes, cups of tea and coffee that we take for granted each day are a dream to many children roaming hungry in slums and streets in many countries globally. Our food aid project provides a basic meal to orphaned and street children.  

Orphans Food Aid Project in Nairobi, Kenya

This year we have are supporting two orphanages set up by local community women who saw the need to nurture the homeless children living in the slums. Each orphanage receives a monthly food donation of produce purchased by Divinity Foundation and food donations from food producing companies who have pledged to support us in our work by donating food items for our projects. Supporting two orphanages each month costs us £200. Today you can help in this project by making a pledge to donate £10 a month towards our food programme. We have named this project “Marwa’s Angels” in memory of Preetam K. Marwa an exceptional woman who nurtured her family with love and instilled the spirit of community service in her family members. Her spirit lives on in all the children this project will help nourish.  

Street Children Food Aid Project in India (Details to follow, please check back later)