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Divinity Foundation Education Aid 

Education is one of the most powerful tools to a successful life. We hope to empower children through our education projects to lift them selves up from a harsh life on the streets and slums. We aim to provide them with the tools to grow up, get a job thus lifting them out of a life of poverty and crime. We hope to plant seeds of peace and hope in youngsters through education so that these children can tomorrow lead their own communities to life their heads up and unite in a common goal of peace and prosperity.   

Girls Education Project in Pokot, Kenya

We realised a great need to educate the girl child in the dessert region of Pokot. This was the only way to educate girls about their rights in order to abolish Female Circumcision and to empower the girls to have respect in their communities by giving them tools to earn some money through arts and crafts.A very generous donation of educational books and learning materials by Nairobi’s leading bookstore, Text Book Centre ensured that the very first educational project for girls was started this year. 

We have named this project “Rughani’s Angels” in memory of co-founder of the Text Book Centre in Nairobi, Mr Maniklal Rughani whose spirit of learning lives on in all the lives this project will touch and empower. 

Children’s Centre Nairobi, Kenya

A planned drop in vocational and recreational centre designed for street kids, so they can enjoy their childhood in a safe environment. The centre will offer youngsters the chance to take a literacy classes, enjoy daily story time, play board games and sports as well as have access to Samaritan services. Each Sunday a soup kitchen for the children will also be operated from the centre. 

We are currently sourcing a central, safe location for our Children’s centre and require funding and donations of centre equipment. Please join us today in lifting this project from the drawing board and making it a physical reality.