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We are currently focusing on organising our mobile medical clinic for Nairobi and resourcing for an education and maternity care project for the community of Pokot. We thank donators who are making the next phase of our work in Kenya possible.


Bittu Panesar of UK, Thankyou for your kind donation of £100

Holistic Osteopathy Clinic of UK, donated £400

Colorpharm Pharmaceutical Supplies of UK, Thankyou for your kind donation of medical supplies worth £200

Mutlashi of UK, Thankyou for your kind donation of £100

Harbhajan S. Matharu of UK, Thankyou for your kind donation of £20

Gurdeep Singh of UK, Thankyou for your kind donation of £50

Amit Patel: Our thanks to Amit Patel of Florida, USA for his generous donation of $50

Coventry Lions Club:  We thank the Coventry Lions Club for thier donation of £500

Chan-Maria & John Laukam: Thankyou to our super trooper Angels, the Laukams for continuing to support our work with a further donation of £317

Mutlashi & Ravi:  Thankyou for your donation of £50



On the Launch of our Poster Campaign “What does £10 mean to you?” for Mission HOPE to Kenya in February 2008, in response to the civil unrest in Kenya. The following pledged support. We THANK them all sincerely from the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of the families thier donations helped in Kenya. To find out how Mission HOPE to Kenya turned out, please visit the Mission Hope to Kenya blog under our Projects section in the Main Menu



AR Janjua:         

Thank-You to Supporting Angel, AR Janjua for their kind donation of £101 


Holistic Oasis Clinic:         

Through Generous donations made by patients, Holistic Oasis Clinic raised £400


Mama Milkas Hockey Team:         

The Mama Milkas London based Hockey Team, comprising of Kenyans donated £50


Jas Wouhra, East-End Foods Ltd:        

Thank-you to Jas Wouhra of East-End Foods Ltd, United Kingdom for a donation of £500 to Mission Hope to Kenya.


Satish Thukral:         

A hearty thank-you to supporting Angel, Satish Thukral, who made a personal donation of £250 for Mission HOPE to Kenya.



Michelle & Richard Robinson:         

THANKYOU to Supporting Angels, Michelle & Richard Robinson of Dickens Heath for their personal donation of £100 to Mission HOPE to Kenya.


Harminder Rehal:         

Our Newest Supporting Angel is Harminder Rehal, who has made a personal donation of £150 to our Mission HOPE to Kenya. THANKYOU!


Geoffrey Redfern:         

THANKYOU to Supporting Angel Geoffrey Redfern for a personal donation of £50 to Mission HOPE to Kenya


Moushmy Talukder:         

Moushmy Talukder is our newest Supporting Angel. THANKYOU for your personal donation of £50 to Mission HOPE to Kenya


Gurbinder Kalsi:        

A Big THANKYOU to Supporting Angel Gurbinder Kalsi for making a personal donation of £400 to our Mission HOPE to Kenya Appeal. 


Aparna & Scott Brickner:         

A big THANKYOU to our supporting angels from St. Louise, USA. Aparna and Scott Brickner have made a personal donation of $150 to our Mission HOPE to Kenya Appeal 


Chan-Maria & John Laukam

Our newest Supporting Angels are the Laukams. Chan-Maria spent all night baking cakes to sell at Church...her cakes all sold in fifteen minutes and she raised £279!!! Further donations recieved from the congregation at the Shirley Baptist Church were £140. Making the grand total that the Laukams raised for our Mission HOPE to Kenya.....drum roll please.... £419!! Great Job!!


Pritam, Poora, Avtar & Mindi:         

Our latest Supporting Angels raised £240 by doing "Kirtan" (Devotional Hymns) at the wedding of Supporting Angel Juggy Rihal. A big Thank-YOU on behalf of the Mission HOPE to Kenya team and the people this money will help lift up.


Maggie Liu & Yao Chern:         

Supporting Angels Maggie Lui and Yao Chern of Kansas, USA made a personal donation of $200 towards our Mission HOPE to Kenya Appeal. A big thankyou to them for their kind donation and support! 


Coventry Dhol-a-Thon:         

Juggy Rihals' percussion group based in Coventry, held their sponsored 12 hour drumming dhol-a-thon on the weekend of February 23rd 2008. The youngsters kept the beat going non-stop for 12 hours! Their drumming raised £1000 !!! for our Mission HOPE to Kenya!  Well done and a BIG BIG THANK-YOU to our Drumming Angels! We will be posting a writeup and photos from the event soon... 


Taunya Wolfe-Finn:         

Thank-you to our newest Supporting Angel Taunya Wolfe-Finn who has made a personal donation of $100 for "Mission HOPE to Kenya". Taunya is founder of the Boston based travel-adventure tours company Wolfetours. Please visit their site http://www.wolfetours.com/


Helen Shute

Helen is our newest Champion Supporting Angel. She has made a personal donation of £100 to "Mission HOPE to Kenya"  and is baking some yummy treats for our Saturday Bake Sale held in Dickens Heath.


Coventry Dhol Group:

The Coventry Dhol group was started by a young percussion artist, Juggy Rihal who spends his time travelling with Indian Pop Bands and Classical artists as a performing percussionist. Juggy started the Coventry Dhol group which comprises of 20 youngsters with amazing drumming talent on the “dhol”, an Indian drum. The group perform at gigs and events across the UK. The Coventry Dhol group has pledged to hold a sponsored 12-hour dhol-athon to fundraise. Watch this space for more details of when the event is taking place, and how you can support the youngsters who want to let the rhythm of their beating drums, reach the hearts of people to donate and help deliver Hope to Kenya